Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners

Who does our concrete forming flat work?

Sean McKenzie has been a reliable tradesman for Monarch for many years.  This is one of those trades that is often underestimated and overlooked, however as we have been working on our “Well Built Home” videos, we must say that concrete formwork and the skill of this trade really are a client’s introduction to how well a home is built.  Thanks, Sean, for helping us gain our reputation as a top Chilliwack builder.

Where do our materials come from?

Canex Building Supplies supplied our dad with lumber for nearly 30 years and now they faithfully supply Monarch.  They have great prices, quick service and go beyond expectations to help in a pinch.  They’re not only a supplier, they have also become instrumental in building the Chilliwack construction community by hosting golf tournaments, hockey games and fishing trips, allowing local businesspeople to connect and grow.  Thanks, Canex for helping us gain our reputation as a top Chilliwack builder.

Where do our doors and mouldings come from?

Keith Lohnes has built this Chilliwack branch based on supreme customer service.  They have a great team of people and provide materials and service that can’t be found anywhere else in Chilliwack.  One huge benefit for us has been that they machine their own doors so if we ever run into a problem, they have the ability to address it and send us on our way saving time a money. Thanks Keith and the Windsor team for helping us gain our reputation as a top Chilliwack builder.

Who supplies us with plumbing fixtures?

The crew at these joint businesses make our job easy as a general contractor. Karen and Sam are great help to any of our clients who need a little guidance in their decision-making process and the selection is unmatched.  Thanks Splashes and Andrew Sheret for helping us gain our reputation as a top Chilliwack and Langley builder.

Who is our electrical contractor?

As one of our longest serving trades, Steelhead Electric has a special place among the Monarch team.  John Etheridge, his son Brandon and their knowledgeable journeyman Dave, have been giving us and our clients great service for over 15 years. Thanks John, for helping us gain our reputation as a top Chilliwack and Langley builder.

Who supplies and installs our heating/cooling systems?

Neels heating has been in the HVAC industry now for 3 generations and serviced our dad and uncle for many years.  Neels’ great reputation is well known in the Fraser Valley and it is easy to see why.  Thanks, Neels Heating, for helping us gain our reputation as a great Chilliwack builder.

Who installs our Vacuum, security and low voltage systems?

Contact Security has provided Monarch Developments with first rate service for over 6 years now and we couldn’t be happier.  Once again, their customer service is excellent, and they are happy to explain and simplify what can often be complex systems.  Trust is a big thing when it comes to your home’s security and that’s precisely what you get with this great company.  Thanks Contact Security, for helping us build our reputation as a reputable builder in Chilliwack and Langley.

Who installs our gutters?

Multiform Gutters is a unique company because they not only install gutters and downpipe, they actually build the machines that make the gutters and sell those machines to other companies. It’s this unique aspect that separates them from other companies not only in quality but price as well.  If you need any work done, I’d highly recommend giving Jens a call. Thanks Jens and the Multiform team for helping us gain our reputation as a recommended Chilliwack builder.

Where do we get our garage doors?

Superior Doors is a first-rate company with first-rate products.  Your garage door takes up a lot of space on the front of your home and can easily make or break your home’s curb appeal.  Ryan and Nick at the Chilliwack store have been great to work with for our many years in the industry and we have no doubt that they will be for many more years to come.  A big thanks to the team at Superior Doors, for helping us gain our reputation as a well-known and trusted Chilliwack builder, and Langley builder.

Who is our Flooring Supplier?

Chilliwack Carpet One is a company that has become very dear to us at Monarch Developments over the last 6 or 7 years.  Flooring is one of the top 3 most important decisions according to an average buyer and Mark and Maureen are an absolute wealth of information.  This company truly put its clients first and we have often witnessed the staff exercise unparalleled patience in helping our clients make big decisions and large purchases.  A heartfelt thanks to the team at Carpet one, for helping us maintain our reputation as a “client-first” Chilliwack builder, and Langley builder.

Who does our insulation?

Yet another company that has been working with us faithfully for over 23 years.  What peace of mind for all of us and especially our clients, to know that they are a part of something that lasts.  Great service, great attitudes, hard work and punctuality are words that come to mind when we think about Mark and Steve and their crew.  Thanks M&C, for helping us leave a legacy of content homeowners in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley.

Who builds our Cabinets?

Newcastle cabinets is the cabinet shop that we believe has truly hit that sweet spot between quality and price.  Cabinet design and craftsmanship are arguably the most important aspects of designing a home and Matt and Chris help our clients do exactly that, with knowledge and confidence built on nearly 20 years’ experience each.   A big thanks to the team at Newcastle, for helping us gain our reputation as a well-known and trusted Chilliwack builder.

Who supplies our stone countertops?

Prins countertops supplies Monarch indirectly through Newcastle cabinets.  They do a beautiful job and their products are always installed well, on time and on budget.  A big thanks to the team at Prins Countertops, for helping us develop our reputation as a quality Fraser Valley builder.

Who provides our shower doors, closet shelves and mirrors?

Glassworld is an Abbotsford based supplier with a large factory where they build many of the product that they sell.  Every order is made custom according to the specs the we, or the client provides, and their sales team truly delivers when it comes to onsite measures, customer service and installation date requirements.  Thanks, Glassworld for helping us gain our reputation as a top Chilliwack and Langley Builder

Who provides our light fixtures?

Dave and the staff at Steve’s Custom Home lighting in Aldergrove know their light fixtures.  They are guaranteed to have what you’re looking for in one of their catalogues of tens of thousands of options.  They deliver when they say, they include the bulbs so you’re never in the dark and they’re always happy to see you.  No one knows more about lighting.  Thanks Dave and your team for helping Monarch earn our reputation as a thorough and knowledgeable general contractor in Chilliwack, Langley, Aldergrove and the Fraser Valley.

Who Supplies us with our trusses?

Put simply, this is an organization that easily figures out complex structures and delivers on time with almost no issues.  Monarch depends on specialty companies like this to be the General contractor that we are.  Thanks Pyramid truss helping us maintain our reputation as a great Chilliwack builder.

Langley lumber supplier

Country lumber has been a superb and dependable supplier for us while we are in the Langley area.  Whenever we are short on lumber or finishing material, we know we can count on Country Lumber to have what we need.  A big thanks to Country Lumber for helping us to develop a solid reputation as a great Langley Builder.

Who does our land clearing and excavation?

Derek from Blackline Excavation has been a great asset to us as we’ve continued to establish our presence as a Langley builder and general contractor.  These guys often work in terrible conditions through the mud, rain, snow and ice.  But they’ve always got a smile on their face and they’re willing to do what needs doing.  Thanks, Blackline, for working with Monarch and helping us grow in our role as a dependable Langley builder.

Who supplies our windows?

Mike Deloof has been a charismatic salesman for Starline windows for many years and is a pleasure to work with.  He truly enjoys the people he works with and provides excellent and efficient service.  Thanks, Mike, for growing alongside Monarch to help us become one of Chilliwack’s best builders.

Who lays our asphalt?

Jay from Topwest is a very driven salesperson and we don’t mean that he’s driven to sell.  He’s driven to keep his clients happy.  And whether that’s us at Monarch or one of our clients, he does so very well.  Topwest’s work is great and their crews are in and out in no time.  Thanks Jay and the Topwest crew for being a very important part in the process that makes Monarch a truly great Langley home building team. 

Who supplies our concrete?

Larfarge concrete delivers truck after truck to our sites and every one of them delivers an excellent product.  Their concrete is a nice bright gray colour (other companies can look brownish) and sets up at just the right rate.  Next time you see one of their trucks on the road loaded with concrete, they could be helping Monarch build a new home for a happy client.  Thank you, Lafarge, for literally providing the foundation for our company at Monarch Developments.

Where do we buy our appliances?

Coast Wholesale appliances in Langley has been terrific to work with.  We’re especially thankful for Ramon who has provided us with sales representation.  We purchase quite a few appliances and Ramon works hard to keep prices and service at a top-notch level.  A big thanks to Ramon and the team at Coast for supplying us with service that allows us to be the builders that we are throughout Chilliwack, Aldergrove and Langely.

Who does our stonework?

 Peter and his son Richard have been around for a long time.  Peter worked for our Dad installing brick and stone and his son Richard now works alongside him every day.  It’s a joy to work with two guys who always have good attitudes and great beards.  We’re grateful for Tjepkema Masonry and the generations of dedication that have allowed us to grow to be one of Chilliwack and Langley’s finest builders.

Preferred Agents

Andrea Bravo: Real estate agent in Chilliwack

Full disclosure.  Andrea is our sister.  She is also Monarch’s biggest fan because she knows with absolute confidence that she is selling one of the best products on the market.  Thanks, Andrea, for all your hard work and taking the time to understand what it is that we build, and why we take so much pride in our work.

Leo Ronse: Our Real estate in Langley

Leo Ronse is an extremely well-connected agent in the Langley area and has a far-reaching network.  His deep knowledge and long history in the Real estate profession have been invaluable in helping us grow as a company building in Langley.  Thank you, Leo, for helping us develop and grow our brand as a top Langley builder.

Scott Strudwick: Our Real estate in Langley

Scott Strudwick is the agent that helped us get our foot into the Langley building scene and introduced us to Leo.  Scott and Leo work together on all our listings and they really make a great pair.  Scott works hard, always answers his phone and has a keen sense as to exactly what the market is doing on any given day.   Thanks, Scott, for helping us become, and helping us remain, a top contender as a Langley building team.

Project Partners

Kelby Homes

Kelly Mendonca from Kelby Homes partners with Monarch Developments on some of our projects in Langley.  We’ve also done partnerships in the Cultus lake area and are currently working on a small townhouse development in Chilliwack on Fairfield island.  Monarch is always looking for our next project and Kelby homes is always a welcome partner.  One of their homes is also featured in our Well Built Home episode, “Framing, What you can Check.” So, we’ve seen first-hand that Kelby homes is another great Chilliwack builder

Thanks, Kelly, for helping Monarch with some great projects.  We look forward to more in future.

Kingma Brothers

Kingma Brothers is owned and operated by our father and our uncle. They have recently retired from building but continue with some land development.  Throughout the years, Kingma brothers has often sold us the land we build on and has played a large role in the company we have become.  Thank you, Kingma Brothers, for beginning the legacy that we continue.  The legacy of building some of the finest homes in our area.

BC Farm and Ranch

We haven’t done all that much work with B.C. Farm and Ranch yet, but we have just begun a project in Merritt and have been getting to know John Glazema and the team at B.C. Farm and Ranch.  Thanks, John, for all the hospitality that you’ve shown us, and for making us feel right at home on the Coldwater Ranch.   It’s been fun beginning the process of turning your ranch into a community.

Freedom Construction

Josh Hall and Ryan Anderson were great to work with on a small project in Cultus lake.  They are well connected and ambitious guys with great attitudes and generous hearts.  We welcome doing more projects with them in the future.  Monarch along side other builders, including Freedom construction, continue to work hard to maintain our reputations as great builders in the Chilliwack area.

Kingma Pacific

Kingma Pacific is a company owned by the children of Peter Kingma and is just beginning its first project in Mission.  The details of the plan have not been finalized yet, but we are excited to update you in the near future as this new venture unfolds.